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Kayaksurf Brasil by BGF / Bertioga 03.11

Santa Cruz Paddle Festival 2011 / 1st videos

Santa Cruz Paddle Fest 2011 contest at the legendary Steamer Lane. This clip features the kayak paddlers from both Fri and Sat making best out of what could be called challenging conditions!

The 25th Annual Santa Cruz Paddle Fest, hold at the world renowned Steamer Lane, the contest that has changed the world of kayaking and Stand up Paddle Surfing. The event has yet again attracted the best athletes this planet has in Surf Kayaking and the new sport of Stand-up paddle surfing (SUP). The reason, this event started the concept of international surf kayaking and thereby continues to be the leader in producing revolutionary designs that alter the conception of what kayaks do on the water. The venue, Steamer Lane, the symbol of Surf City Santa Cruz, is revered by all as one of the ultimate waves for paddle powered surfing on earth. It is the contest that sets the level that paddle surfing for the world

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Kayaksurf Northern Ireland / Canisurf by Dessie McGlinchey

Another sunny winter session. This is filmed at the same break that the 5m 15sec film. Had to straighten up a few times or risk running over a few surfers.
The Music is by Kasabian

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