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KAYAKSURF Brasil / Alexandre Pierre Mattei (1997)

Mega Neutron's / Northern Ireland Surfkayak Team

This a much higher res version of this clip that had i put up a few years ago.
It was filmed on a big day in December. Jonny paddling the original Neutron and Chris in the RV.

Dessie McGlinchey

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Kayaksurf Northern Ireland / Compilation

Footage from various surf kayak comps in ni & nw ireland.
Including members from donegals gweebarra canoe club

quarta-feira, novembro 24, 2010

Kayaksurf Bizkaia / 11.2010

Momento de kayak surf en la playa de Laga (Bizkaia), con motivo de la XXII Concentración de kayaks organizada por UR con la colaboración de Urkan Kayak

Kayaksurf / Dessie McGlinchey and his Boost / Northern Irleland

Had a few great hours out in North donegal a few Mondays back. The same day the jetski surfers rode 40ft + on the west coast. Footage filmed from the deck of my mega Boost. The boat was just to small for Mageraroraty. Got a lot of big beatings from the Set waves that were easily 20ft on the face.Would have loved to had someone to share the waves with as it was perfect offsore and sunny all day long. Check out the speed of the boat on the drop and bottom turn on the 3rd and 4th waves.

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Kayaksurf Open de Galiza 2010 by Nuno Fernandes

KAYAKSURF & WAVESKI / Campeonato Sul Americano / 2º Dia

Campeonato Sul Americano de Canoagem Onda 2010, praia do Bispo, Barra do Sul - SC - Brasil, de 22 a 24 de Outubro. Video do 2º dia de competição, evento também foi valido como 2º etapa do Campeonato Brasileiro de Waveski e Kayaksurf. Imagens: Rota dos Tubos - www.rotadostubos.com.br Fotos: Álvaro Walendowsky - www.flickr.com/alvaro_walendowsky

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Kayaksurf & Waveski South America Championship 2010, Day 1

PRODUÇÃO: rotadostubos

Campeonato Sul Americano de Canoagem Onda 2010, Baln. Barra do Sul - SC - Brasil, de 22 a 24 de Outubro. Video do 1º dia de competição, evento também foi valido como 2º etapa do Campeonato Brasileiro de Waveski e Kayaksurf. Imagens: Rota dos Tubos - www.rotadostubos.com.br

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KAYAKSURF & Waveski / Australia / 25.10.10

a long weekend away for the aussie wave ski titles down in Ulladulla NSW

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KAYAKSURF / Watertech ONA in Italy / 10.10

kayaksurf a ostia lido con la ona di watertech

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Kayaksurf & Waveski Argentina / Cardiel 16-10-10

Domingo que parecía invierno, frío y gris. El día y las olas no acompañaron, pero la pasamos muy bien. Kayakers: Pablo (Necky Gliss 7 11), Carlos (Waveski Bad Machine), Diego ( Deslizador Bad Machine), Jorge (Kayak Bad Machine), Dany ( Filmadora Sony ).
A cuidarnos de esos que tienen la licencia para envenenarnos !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OBX Nationals / Kayaksurf USA / East Coast, October 2010

US National surf kayak. 3 days of great surf under the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

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Irish Open / kayaksurf & waveski / Ocotober 2010

Paddlesurf.ie Irish Open, Tullan, Co. Donegal, October 2010

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KAYAKSURF / Cardiel, Argentina / 11.10.10

Kayakers: Diego (deslizador Bad Machine naranja), Carlitos (Kayak Alien rojo), Carlos ( Waveski Bad Machine ), Jorge (Kayak Bad Machine), NN 1, (Atlantikayak azul), NN 2 (Deslizador rojo ), bueno no es muy grafico, no? pero la pasamos BARBARO!!!!!, filmo Dany y opinaba en off Gabriel. Buenas Olas.

segunda-feira, outubro 11, 2010

Adam Harvey / Watertech ONA / Kayaksurf UK

Some footage chucked together of Adam Harvey surf kayaking the Watertech ONA filmed by James Gaudion + Oliver Baxondale

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Dessie McGlinchey / Northern Ireland Kayaksurf / 30.09.10

Managed to get a full session today, without having to worry about racing back for work. Scored some super waves today.(well the felt good even if they dont look it. Changed the settings and put in a proper sdhc card and the footage is a much higher quality. Lovely morning in the surf with only two board surfers and plenty of waves for us all.

terça-feira, setembro 28, 2010

KAYAKSURF & WAVESKI Finals / Ocean Spirit Festival 10 by Breizhriders TV

Finale open international waveski and kayaksurf ocean spirit 2010 santa cruz portugal


sábado, setembro 25, 2010

Marc Woolward / North Devon / UK Kayaksurf

Shot in North Devon at the tail end of the Hurricane Danielle swell, early September 2010.
Video by John Watson.
Music by Crystal Castles

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I got a few of the sessions filmed for this movie project then it stalled. Its a shame that this has sat on my laptop for two years without it going up online. It is 3 sessions that have been added together. I hope you like it. If anyone is interested in obtaining a full res version, register and post on the forum on the nisk site at www.nisurfkayak.com. Thanks to all the paddlers and cameramen.

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KAYAKSURF Ireland / Clare Fun Training Event

Clare Fun and Training Event
Doonbeg, Co.Clare

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KAYAKSURF Galiza Team / 09.10

by costadamortekayaksurf.blogspot.com

Kayaksurf Summer Sessions with Dessie McGlinchey

Another shortie from the go pro cam. The damm thing seems to mist up when the sun comes out, good job that the best surf is always on the shittiest days.

Northern Ireland Squad

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GALIZA / Kayaksurf with Jose Piñeiro


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kayaksurf Santas Olas 2010 / ARGENTINA

Ya tenemos la autorizacion del Rasta y Lucas asi que vamos a ir subiendo los videos, si alguien quiere comprar el DVD, comuniquese con Gabriel a: glandini@copetel.com.ar.

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rotadostubos — 6 de maio de 2010 — freesurf entre amigos... Pier da Riviera de São Lourenço, Bertioga / SP. Kayaksurfer: Bruno Guazzelli Filho, paddle surfers: Glauco Valentin e Gustavo Marine, surfer: Chris Kagueyama e bodyboarder: Bianca Guazzelli. Session 2010.

terça-feira, maio 04, 2010

KAYAKSURF JAPAN, Kujyukuri / 04.10


Some video footage of surf kayaking at Santa Cruz CA set to the track 'Six Ways to Sunday'


Kayak Surf Donoratico....La Cicer.....Las Palmas...Gran Canaria!! Socci Francesco-Guarino Fulvio


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Valentin Grollemund / Kayaksurf

Adrénaline : Episode 29 - L Equipe
Retrouvez votre magazine hebdomadaire consacré aux sports extrêmes.

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Now i know there's been a few rumors flying around, like, Fish Munga died tragically in a routine wood-chipping accident, or some of our founders moved out of the real world to take up shrimp farming and live in a shack in the south of Guam. This is not true!
Fish Munga is alive and kicking folks, and I've called this meeting to bring to you the trailer for our very first Fish Munga Feature:

...the story of three dashing lads dirt-roadtripping along South Africa's Wildcoast.
Available soon as a download www.stevefisher.net

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2010- SURFJAM / savannahcanoeandkayak.com

There will be some cool prizes at this years Surf & Jam on Tybee Island, Oct 30th 2010.. There will be Mega and Tiderace demo boats available and Saltwood Paddles will be putting up a prize or two. We hope to give away a kayak at the event. More info about that coming later. The event isaimed to introduce beginners into the sport of surf paddling. Portion of money raised will be towards a local charity.


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Composite Fluid Element - January 2010 from Adrian Tregoning on Vimeo.

Composite Element from kayaking in January 2010. All filmed in Cape Town / Adrain Tregoning in the water!

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By RAPID TRANSIT VIDEO / www.effort.tv

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Northern Ireland Juniors Training


Northern Ireland Juniors Training with Jonny Bingham

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Levanto 23-26 dicembre 2009 Sponsor: www.gravitazero.info

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Adrian Tregoning at Table View, Cape Town, South Africa. Video footage by Trevor Tregoning.

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