quarta-feira, novembro 24, 2010

Kayaksurf Bizkaia / 11.2010

Momento de kayak surf en la playa de Laga (Bizkaia), con motivo de la XXII Concentración de kayaks organizada por UR con la colaboración de Urkan Kayak

Kayaksurf / Dessie McGlinchey and his Boost / Northern Irleland

Had a few great hours out in North donegal a few Mondays back. The same day the jetski surfers rode 40ft + on the west coast. Footage filmed from the deck of my mega Boost. The boat was just to small for Mageraroraty. Got a lot of big beatings from the Set waves that were easily 20ft on the face.Would have loved to had someone to share the waves with as it was perfect offsore and sunny all day long. Check out the speed of the boat on the drop and bottom turn on the 3rd and 4th waves.

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Kayaksurf Open de Galiza 2010 by Nuno Fernandes

KAYAKSURF & WAVESKI / Campeonato Sul Americano / 2º Dia

Campeonato Sul Americano de Canoagem Onda 2010, praia do Bispo, Barra do Sul - SC - Brasil, de 22 a 24 de Outubro. Video do 2º dia de competição, evento também foi valido como 2º etapa do Campeonato Brasileiro de Waveski e Kayaksurf. Imagens: Rota dos Tubos - www.rotadostubos.com.br Fotos: Álvaro Walendowsky - www.flickr.com/alvaro_walendowsky